About Us

Our Story

 John Edward Wheatley and his family established themselves at the heart of a growing community, farming and expanding Wheatley Ranch and helping to build the first public school in the state in Colorado.

Rumor has it that the school teachers on Wheatley Ranch would bring chocolates to their students. Wheatley Ranch Chocolate is rooted in this history and tradition of simple and honest hard work. 

New Family, Same Values

The story of the Wheatley's is a story of the men and women who helped shape the vast wilderness of western America, with their bravery ambition, and honest labor. We continue that tradition by bringing you delicious chocolate, available in selected stores around the world. Today, the ranch is an active working farm. Our family business still holds strong the same values and principles that John Edward Wheatley stood by all those years ago: exploring new territories, success through endeavor and support for the local community. 


The Wheatley legacy lives on through the official protected historic status of the Wheatley Ranch buildings and the conservation of hundreds of acres of unspoiled meadows, trails and river frontage for future generations to enjoy.